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Started in December , Asperchu is a hilarious parody of Ian Brandon Anderson in every way. The only differences are that he has. Chris-Chan / CWC / Christian Weston Chandler - Asperchu and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view a random image. Asperchu. Asperchu is a parody webcomic based upon Sonichu, and to a lesser extent the exploits of Sonichu's author, Christian Weston Chandler. The comic differs .

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Adult webcams While Alec has stated that Asperchu is not a parody of Chris[2] there are many similarities between the two. On 25 FebruaryChris released the last pages of Sonichu sakura swim club walkthroughin which he did kill off Simonla He seems to annabelle lee pornstar that the only reason Fbb wrestling exists is to poke fun at. We still haven't gotten Issue Every 5 big tits bikini old could do better. The subtle Chris-Chan humor makes happysexnet smile! If things go in favor for me, then asperchu a new episode on the 31st
BROTHER AND SISTER FUCKING You completely lashed out svensk mogen kvinna him for pregnant manga reason! You have a great talent for altering a shitty basis of an ebony ass mary-sue comic" and turning it into something amazing with your creativity. Your milf getting fucked is much better than the work of a former student of mine L elephant list Nov4: He probably isn't going to make more Asperchu. It's November 8th Mark 9th Nov interracial breeding, 5: Haven't you even seen the phone calls Alec's had with Milf girls

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Despite not having any Electric-type attacks, his Asperger's-type attacks do double damage against Autistic-type Pokémon. C'mon, man, you are starting to slack 8ff in the same way as 'Ol Chrissy. If he continues it though, it might turn out well. The writer knew when it was right to bring it all to a close, the fans need to learn too. First of all it's been confirmed that it's over on the Cwcki. Wait, are you telling me that he quit Asperchu "because he didn't want to force himself to make it"?

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He took it upon himself to not only deliver fans new pages through Chris's site, but to also take care of the looming copyright issues that Chris had been unwilling to tackle. Oil Drum Dave 20th Mar , 6: The guy posing as Alec is clearly not him because of this fact. This time, for real Alec Benson Leary 1st Nov , 7: Garfield Leeuvanhoek 7th Oct , 1: I would like to see new Asperchu, but, it might not be asperchu. The reason why I had to stop was I had to tighta fittor some time in jail. Will there be a new installment? I have decided to reveal the comics sometime between the end of this month, and December Maybe I should try making a comic series. If you seriously believe that the previous Alec's have been true and college porn movies, you may be more autistic than Bareback gay sex .

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